Atlantic Waves 21jul09: Experimental Music from China (part 3/4)

Wolfenstein, also known as Xie Zhongqi, is a sound artist from Taipei. He is a member of the sound artists collective Taipei Sound Unit. “Movement 4” is taken from “Live at Nanhai 2007”, recorded live at Nanhai Gallery, in Taipei. This performance is part of the Lacking Sound Festival series.

Recorded live October 23, 2007, at Harbin Concert Hall and November 8, 2007 at Daqing Opera Theatre, Heilongjiang Province, China. Wang Changcun is a sound artist currently based in Shanghai. Born in 1981, he’s one of the earliest sound art practitioners in Mainland China. In 2003, six of Wang’s works were included in “China: the Sonic Avant-Garde”, the first compilation of Chinese sound art, released by the California-based label Post-Concrete. In November 2003, Wang performed on Sounding Beijing 2003, the first-ever large-scale experimental music festival in China. In October 2004, he toured in Europe (France, Netherlands, Belgium) for one month.

Yao Dajuin is a sound artist, web artist, radio DJ, and music producer based in Berkeley, California. Dajuin holds a doctoral degree in art history from the University of California, Berkeley, and is the co-founder of the Chinese Computer Music Association. A pioneer in Chinese concrete poetry and web art, Dajuin’s artistic interests have always been multi-dimensional. Dajuin’s music works focus on cultural listening. In recent years he has worked on the deconstruction of the Chinese language (sound, script, and meaning), software modulation of traditional music and opera, and emotional sound art. “Cursive Calligraphy”, is made from a two syllables of Mandarin recitation, reading poems generated algorithmically. No singing, no other sound sources, samples, or electronic sound generation were used. The “Singles Edition” was selected from the out-of-print album “Dream Reverberations” (Juxiang, 1997).

Zhou Risheng is a sound artist born and based in Datong, Shanxi. He taught himself painting and music, setted up an experimental music band, wrote art criticism and poetry, did behavior arts and drew pictures.

Beijing Sound Unit is another project of Yao Dajuin. This track was recorded in Beijing during 1998-99 and the language listened to is Mandarin with Beijing and other regional accents.

Jiang Liwei is from Taipei.

77 AW radio show - 21jul09


Sleeping Dogs Lie 99: Xie Zhongqi

AV002bOn Chinese New Year’s Day, Feb 7, 2008, Post-Concrete started a brand-new line of releases of sound art, experimental electronic, laptop Max/MSP/Jitter/SuperCollider, algorithmic piano, noise, not-in-the-field recordings, live bootlegs, etc., featuring mostly artists from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. This line, called ARCHIVAL VINYL, is net-only and all releases are offered in the lossless FLAC format (i.e., CD quality sound and can be burned to CDs).

Xie Zhongqi: Sound artist, member of Taipei Sound Unit. Xie specializes in computer composing, recording, commentary, event design and translation. He works in Night Cat Coffee House as an event designer and a translator. He is also one of the founders of “Dou-Mao-Bang” e-newsletter and a member of “Taipei Voice Team”. He plays music for Recorderz and grouped a fantasy novel creation team- “General Workshop”.

01 Xie Zhongqi: “Kurojawan” (01:02:38) from “Kurojawan” (2008)