Atlantic Waves 30mar10: Extreme Music From Russia

The Susan Lawly record label doesn’t just release all the old / new Whitehouse releases but is a curator to the music of the past that has defined a generation through their Anthology releases and the music of the present with the ‘Extreme Music’ series. The first Extreme Music release showcased the talent from Japan and was followed by Extreme Music from Africa and Extreme Music from Women. All were essential purchases for those with any interest in how Extreme Music had grown up and come of age. Now at last the eagerly anticipated Extreme Music from Russia has arrived and the wait was most definitely worth it.

Those of you who think Extreme Music is a one trick noise pony has obviously never heard any of the series as the talents on display there blow that preconception right out of the window. EMFR continues with this tradition of redefining what constitutes Extreme Music by showcasing some of the most important musicians to come out from Russia and their interpretation and evolvement of this music. Sure there are moments of holocaustic brain frying thanks to i5067.70 and Comforter but I dare anyone not to be moved by the tracks by Volga, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Samka and The Podryyaniem Boys who take this genre into new levels. These to me are the stand out tracks from a recording brimming with talent and new ideas but you’ll find your own favourites as taste is a very personal thing. All the other contributors are equally brilliant in their own individual way and style and aren’t there just to make up the numbers. A special mention must be made to the informative and glossy booklet which is a fascinating read and emphasises the great attention and care and…dare I say it…love that went into this project. EMFR is a slight misdemeanour and should really be called ‘Great, uncompromising, and unusual music from Russia’ instead. Like all previous EMF releases EMFR will open your eyes…and ears…to a world you may never have known existed. Don’t you dare call yourself a purveyor and fanatic of music unless you add this to your collection.

EMFR is a totally indispensable and essential recording that has continued with the fine tradition first started with EMFJ. The next instalment in the ongoing series will be EMF China. Roll on that and the next Anthology release. They can’t come quick enough for this reviewer.


Atlantic Waves 15dec09: Russia

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