Sleeping Dogs Lie 31jul09: Snowfield + Remix

snow“The seven untitled tracks here have a remarkable cumulative impact, the contrast between their tiny, crystalline details and the vastness of the landscape becoming ever more telling.” THE WIRE

“A deep work of musical art…Quite superb from beginning to end and a must for lovers of Raster Noton, NVO, Line and other such labels. Highly recommended.” SMALLFISH

“A tour de force…a worthy collection, that bursts with ideas.” WHITE_LINE

Disc one of this 2 CD set features documentation of Jamie Drouin and Lance Olsen’s 4-channel installation SNOW:FIELD from 2003. The seven tracks were derived from the interaction with a field of snow in British Columbia measuring the same dimensions as the empty host gallery in the United Kingdom where the compositions were played back.

Disc two contains remixes of the original material by Drouin and Olsen, as well as by invited artists Tomas Jirku and Yann Novak, breathing new dimension and variation into the tracks. The intimate scratchings of the SNOWFIELD tracks open up into extended cinematic movements, with familiar textures reshaped into micro journeys through icy terrain.

Sleeping Dogs Lie 105 30_31jul09