Sleeping Dogs Lie 09oct09: Few Quiet People

promo_cd_webPoland’s expression of experimental music is flowing very nicely at the moment, and the installment of FQP looks to be another interesting project to watch out for in the cold months ahead…

Make sure to visit the label’s web site from the link at the bottom of this page as they currently have a free promotional album download up for grabs that has some amazing tracks for your listening pleasure.

FEW QUIET PEOPLE is an independent record label focused on digital contemporary forms, based in Poland. It was founded on August 5, 2009 by Wojciech Krasowski, Maciej Nejman and Cezary Rudas. The main interest is to drive the repetive drone sounds into the direction of pop.

Promo Sampler 09 is the first release showcasing audio aesthetics of FQP. All of the tracks on Promo Sampler are previously unreleased and represent the future way of label thru granular textures and minimalistic side of sound.

Artists Involved: Ethhe, Moosk, Tomasz Bednarczyk, Gustay Tutre, Nejmano, Tropajn, In., Radek Kordasiewicz, Strangelet, Krypton, Tom Hall, W Von

Sleeping Dogs Lie 113 08_09oct09