Live Set and Interview with Corvos

Corvos  is an electric strings quartet from Portugal. They do a kind of New Rock/Fusion Rock, not far from the world of Apocalyptica. And yes, they have a drummer too. They are part of an interesting and innovative wave of Portuguese musicians who have been spreading their blend of influences throughout the world. They will be playing at the Astoria 2 tomorrow, 22 Nov 08, but they agreed to do their UK live premiere here, on Resonance FM. This one hour special was produced and presented by Miguel Santos, who also interviewed the band.



A special Sleeping Dogs Lie show for this International Radio Art Festival.


Atlantic Waves 15oct07: Atlantic Waves 2007

01 AW radio show - 15oct07


Radio Universidade de Coimbra

A special Musa Lusa show commissioned by Radio Universidade de Coimbra to commemmorate its 21st anniversary of regular FM broadcasting. Radio Universidade de Coimbra is the only Portuguese radio station entirely run by university students, dating back to the 40s.

Radio Universidade de Coimbra
107.9 FM


What On Earth?

Dave Evans presents the A series dedicated to roots and world music on Resonance FM. His guest today was Miguel Santos, to chat about Portuguese music.

01 Brigada Victor Jara: “Arriba Monte” (2:47) from “Por Sendas, Montes E Vales” (Farol, 2000)
02 Galandum Galundaina: “Passeado” (2:56) from “1 Purmeiro” (Emiliano Toste, 2002)
03 Gaiteiros de Lisboa: “Cantos de Trabalho” (4:45) from “Macareu” (Aduf Edicoes, 2002)
04 Megafone: “Aleluia” (4:00) from “Megafone 2” (Farol, 1998)
05 Negros De Luz: “Tralhoada” (3:00) from “Exploratory Music from Portugal 02” (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 2002)
06 Lula Pena: “Senhora do Almortao (live)” (4:47) from “Exploratory Music from Portugal 02” (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 2002)
07 Janita Salome: “Senhora do Almortao” (3:29) from “Tao Pouco E Tanto” (AudioPro, 2003)
08 Cristina Branco: “As Maos e os Frutos” (2:34) from “Sensus” (Universal Classics France, 2003)
09 Ana Sofia Varela: “Lagrima” (4:31) from “Ana Sofia Varela” (Universal, 2002)
10 Paulo Braganca: “Sou Galego (Ate Ao Mondego)” (3:57) from “Lua Semi-Nua” (Upgrade Records/Ovacao, 2001)
11 Pedro Caldeira Cabral: “Balada Da Oliveira” (3:15) from “Memorias Da Guitarra Portuguesa” (Tradisom, 2002)