Sleeping Dogs Lie 05: Victor Sol, Niko Heyduck, Atom Heart

Aerial Service Area is an on-again-off-again collaboration involving ambient/electronic composers Victor Sol and Niko Heyduck. The pair have released two full-length albums through Pete Namlook’s Fax label under the name, both of which number among the finest of the already impressive (to say nothing of extensive) Frankfurt-based imprint’s titles. Combining bits of work compiled (both apart and together) over the course of nearly a decade, they are also some of the more enduring examples of minimal experimental electronic music to advance from ambient’s post-rave crop.

Victor Sol is a Barcelona-based producer whose list of credits includes collaborative works with Atom Heart, Charles Gate, and Dandy Jack; Heyduck has also worked with Atom Heart (most notably on +N’s 1996 album, Built, along with Sol and Dandy Jack). The pair began releasing music as Aerial Service Area in 1995, debuting the project with an hour-plus-long collection of deep, beatless ambient. Within a matter of only months, a second CD, 150 G Space Weight, appeared, again featuring a minimal, beatless stride of subtly shifting electronic textures. The project has remained in remission ever since, although a number of other solo and collaborative projects have appeared, including Sol’s solo debut for Rather Interesting, Paranoid. ~ Sean Cooper, All Music Guide

01. Victor Sol, Niko Heyduck: “Another Green Airport” (from “Aerial Service Area”, Fax, 1995)
02. Victor Sol, Niko Heyduck, Atom Heart: “Eternal 8” (from “Aerial Service Area”, Fax, 1995)
03. Victor Sol, Niko Heyduck, Atom Heart: “ETI Encoding” (from “Aerial Service Area”, Fax, 1995)
04. Victor Sol, Niko Heyduck: “Highlow” (from “Aerial Service Area”, Fax, 1995)
05. Victor Sol, Niko Heyduck, Atom Heart: “Liquid Water” (from “Aerial Service Area”, Fax, 1995)