Sleeping Dogs Lie 89: Laurent Jeanneau

soundscape-chinaLaurent Jeanneau, Frenchman currently living in China, is a specialist in field recordings who spent a lot of time in Asia and a bit in Africa to develop his concept. This album was made of materials recorded on VCD, CD, field recordings [In the Yunnan province, China] then electronically treated. The result is a mix of traditional music, field recordings, electronic atmospheres, free form experimentations.

A crazy quilt of sounds from mainland China. A mix of original field recordings, ethnic minorities in Yannun, TV, scratched Chineses CDs, often long, unbroken chunks, processed in 2001 and 2002 by Laurent Jeanneau, also known as Kink Gong.

Laurent Jeanneau is a long time practitioner of ethnic field recordings. He made this album with materials of VCD, CD, field recording (Yunnan, China) which were setting into electronic/ambient noise textures. Simple and beautiful soundscapes, it makes people fall into visionary reality.

01 Laurent Jeanneau: “Soundscape China” (01:01:39) from “Soundscape China” (2007)