Atlantic Waves 14jul09: Experimental Music from China (part 2/4)

Walnut Room is a experimental band from Beijing, China. This is their first Album. Founded in 2007 in Beijing by Feng Hao and Li Zeng Hui:
Feng Hao:guitars, laptop, effects, percussion, voice, keyboard.
Li Zeng Hui:alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, voice, percussion, effects.

Genre: Experimental, Industrial, Dark Ambient, Noise.

May 2007,MIDI Festival (Beijing)
Nov 2007,2Pi Experimental Music Festival 2007(Hangzhou)

Zafka: “YongHe” 2007. All sounds recorded June – August 2007, in the Yonghe Lama Temple area, in Beijing, China.

“Caged” was recorded live @ Knitting Factory, in New York City, in 2006.

76 AW radio show - 14jul09