Atlantic Waves 24nov09: Russia

A special previously unavailable version of “I Shall Leave For The Field Tonight With My Horse” by Vlad Kosarev plus 13 different versions of the classic Volga Cossack song “Ne Dlya Menya” (Not For Me)

This is a fundamental piece of living Russian culture for understanding the motivation of Russian people, Russian character, Russian soul.

– – – – –

Not for me – the spring will come
not for me – Don will spread
and a heart of a young woman will beat
with delight feelings – not for me…

Not for me – the gardens are bloming and flowering
and woods are blooming in the valley…
a nightingale is meeting the spring there
he will sing – not for me…

Not for me – streams are brawling
flowing with diamond jets…
and there is a black-eyebrowed girl
she’s  growing there – not for me…

Not for me – the Easter will come
and all the relatives will gather at the table
wine will be poured to the glasses
such life – is not for me.

and what is for me – a piece of lead
it will leech to my white body
and bitter tears will pour down –
such life is waiting for me.

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