Sleeping Dogs Lie 28: Bill Laswell, Terre Thaemlitz, Atom Heart, Tetsu Inoue

“Web” has some of the most abrasive, industrial leaning ambient of either of these composers’ careers. Chains rattle, voices whisper menacingly, and dark, dissonant textures and deep bass drones collide on a trio of extended tracks united by the questionably thematic topic of digital communications technology. Difficult but rewarding.

“Second Nature” is a typical Bill Laswell excursion into the murkiest depths of ambient experimentalism, meaning there’s no danceable beats, no hummable grooves, and virtually no firm melodic ground for listeners to grab hold of. That said, patient listening will be rewarded in due time. This is some seriously crazy, experimental stuff; a bit too subtle for casual listeners, but an interesting ride for those passengers willing to ride it out to the end of the line.

American bassist Bill Laswell (Praxis, Massacre, etc.) is the founder of ‘collision music’ – a collaborative concept that brings together musicians from divergent instrumentations and backgrounds. “City of Light” is about Banaras, a city older than history, tradition, way beyond legends. It is Shiva’s land, founded at the dawn of creation. It is India’s oldest and most fabled city. The Hindus call it Kashi, the luminous…

01. Bill Laswell, Terre Thaemlitz: “Open URL” (from “Web”, Subharmonic, 1995)
02. Bill Laswell, Terre Thaemlitz: “Transfer Complete” (from “Web”, Subharmonic, 1995)
03. Atom Heart, Tetsu Inoue, Bill Laswell: “Green Paste” (from “Second Nature”, Submeta, 1996)
04. Bill Laswell: “Kashi (with Tetsu Inoue)” (from “City Of Light”, Sub Rosa, 1997)
05. Bill Laswell: “Above The Earth (with Lori Carson)” (from “City Of Light”, Sub Rosa, 1997)
06. Bill Laswell: “Nothing” (from “City Of Light”, Sub Rosa, 1997)


Sleeping Dogs Lie 05: Victor Sol, Niko Heyduck, Atom Heart

Aerial Service Area is an on-again-off-again collaboration involving ambient/electronic composers Victor Sol and Niko Heyduck. The pair have released two full-length albums through Pete Namlook’s Fax label under the name, both of which number among the finest of the already impressive (to say nothing of extensive) Frankfurt-based imprint’s titles. Combining bits of work compiled (both apart and together) over the course of nearly a decade, they are also some of the more enduring examples of minimal experimental electronic music to advance from ambient’s post-rave crop.

Victor Sol is a Barcelona-based producer whose list of credits includes collaborative works with Atom Heart, Charles Gate, and Dandy Jack; Heyduck has also worked with Atom Heart (most notably on +N’s 1996 album, Built, along with Sol and Dandy Jack). The pair began releasing music as Aerial Service Area in 1995, debuting the project with an hour-plus-long collection of deep, beatless ambient. Within a matter of only months, a second CD, 150 G Space Weight, appeared, again featuring a minimal, beatless stride of subtly shifting electronic textures. The project has remained in remission ever since, although a number of other solo and collaborative projects have appeared, including Sol’s solo debut for Rather Interesting, Paranoid. ~ Sean Cooper, All Music Guide

01. Victor Sol, Niko Heyduck: “Another Green Airport” (from “Aerial Service Area”, Fax, 1995)
02. Victor Sol, Niko Heyduck, Atom Heart: “Eternal 8” (from “Aerial Service Area”, Fax, 1995)
03. Victor Sol, Niko Heyduck, Atom Heart: “ETI Encoding” (from “Aerial Service Area”, Fax, 1995)
04. Victor Sol, Niko Heyduck: “Highlow” (from “Aerial Service Area”, Fax, 1995)
05. Victor Sol, Niko Heyduck, Atom Heart: “Liquid Water” (from “Aerial Service Area”, Fax, 1995)