Sleeping Dogs Lie 72: Natural Frequencies Aka Andreas Leifeld

A dream creation, produced by synthesiser and sample machine, keyboard, piano, bass, guitar, and percussion instruments, take the listener off into spheres in which time and space are no longer of any relevance. “Tranquillity in Motion” is the name of a further, posthumous work by the composer, sound magician and DJ Andreas Leifeld who died on 1 February 2006.

As if on a wave, calm yet, at the same time, seething in its deepest inside, Leifeld’s tracks glide by – like the throbbing-pulsating “Dreaming” whose keyboard slurs flow lastingly into the human sensory zones, or “Inside” which drifts into fantastic worlds with Indian-Tibetan sound liturgy and meditative seductive forces.

Andreas Leifeld’s sound collages stimulate the senses and cultivate a desire to become fully involved with the sensuous experience worlds of the brilliant sound visionary who, himself, is still able to rouse himself up in the absolute tranquillity. In “Time Wave”, Leifeld allows the electronics to merge into a tirelessly working maelstrom which leads into the deepest depths. The pressure increases gently, embraces the hearing passages and the brain cells tuned to intuitive perception with irresistible force.

Somehow and somewhere, “Tranquillity in Motion” leaves the zones of “normal” perception, opens up new experience worlds and fantastic images for body and mind. The form of worldly music, which creates natural frequencies, does not stop at earthly countries and continents. In whatever worlds Andreas Leifeld may now find himself, in an earthly life his path takes him – at least from a musical point of view – to nirvana. Where time (“Timeless”) brings us closer to nothingness, where, at “zero”, the beginning also creates the end – we are accompanied there by hypnotically attractive melodious sound.

“Tranquillity in Motion” is an electronic album of the highest perfection, produced with conventional instruments, is abstract and yet something for everyone who is prepared for the siren sounds of Andreas Leifeld – a very real (in) comprehensible seduction.

01 Natural Frequencies Aka Andreas Leifeld: “Dreaming” (8:24) from “Tranquility In Motion” (2007)
02 Natural Frequencies Aka Andreas Leifeld: “Inside” (11:03) from “Tranquility In Motion” (2007)
03 Natural Frequencies Aka Andreas Leifeld: “Time Waves” (9:32) from “Tranquility In Motion” (2007)
04 Natural Frequencies Aka Andreas Leifeld: “Taking Shape” (6:48) from “Tranquility In Motion” (2007)
05 Natural Frequencies Aka Andreas Leifeld: “Timeless” (10:03) from “Tranquility In Motion” (2007)
06 Natural Frequencies Aka Andreas Leifeld: “Zero (Pt. 1)” (8:02) from “Tranquility In Motion” (2007)
07 Natural Frequencies Aka Andreas Leifeld: “Zephyr” (8:39) from “Tranquility In Motion” (2007)