Sleeping Dogs Lie 25jun10: Alva Noto

Alva Noto is the project name of Berlin’s audio/visual artist Carsten Nicolai (he who put the “Noton” in the Raster-Noton label). As the microscopic glitchcraft within is underscored by various subsonic activities you won’t want to miss, I recommend that you listen to Transform on a system with good bass-response.

The low-low-low frequencies of 1 sometimes pulse rhythmically, and are continually bespeckled with sputtering digital flecks and shimmery looping materials. Rippling machinelike emanations meet with 2’s high insectoid buzzes. Thumping/sparking syncopations stir the steady drones and sparse crackles of 3 (10:09).

Thrumming energies hover beneath the lightly crunchy rhythms of 4 evolving into something like deep-house gone micro. Amid a barely-wavering mechanical haze, 6’s fragmented percussion elements sputter in time with brief-but-suggestive throbs. hough there seems to be little to hang onto amidst its gauze-and-stutter, 9 proves to be quite catchy; its sonic backdrop extends (sans “beats”) into and through closing track, 10 (2:41).

Crisp, yet often vague, the rarefied rhythms of transform are even more intriguing for what’s not there… extraneous details are stripped away to reveal skeletal beat-patterns, deep emissions and bits of audio detritus. Ten such tracks fill almost-an-hour with alva noto’s 9.1 entrancing disintegrations. (Spider Bytes,

01. Alva Noto: “m 01” (5:50) from “Transform” (2001)
02. Alva Noto: “m 02” (3:37) from “Transform” (2001)
03. Alva Noto: “m 03” (10:09) from “Transform” (2001)
04. Alva Noto: “m 04” (6:26) from “Transform” (2001)
05. Alva Noto: “m 05” (4:43) from “Transform” (2001)
06. Alva Noto: “m 06” (5:36) from “Transform” (2001)
07. Alva Noto: “m 07” (4:58) from “Transform” (2001)
08. Alva Noto: “m 08” (5:27) from “Transform” (2001)
09. Alva Noto: “m 09” (7:45) from “Transform” (2001)
10. Alva Noto: “m 10” (2:41) from “Transform” (2001)