Sleeping Dogs Lie 21may10: Steve Roach

Steve Roach
“Proof Positive”

1. Westwind 21:46
2. Adreno Stream 11:25
3. Proof Positive 32:56

‘Shimmering’, ‘life-affirming’ and ‘moving only forward’ best describes this release drawn from the pulsing side of the lifeblood found in Steve’s work. “Proof Positive” was created from 2005 to 2006. These all-new pieces, sequential with textural undercurrents, have a kind floating sensation; the sum total is purely hypnotic with a contained and sustained energy that is consistent through the entire CD. This one lights up the brain and excites the ears in a way that only a hands-on spontaneous approach to carving pure analog sound can offer. A touchstone release for Steve, this is a perfect set for long drives on the open road or for traveling the inner landscapes while cruising in your favorite listening chair. Proof Positive indeed!