Sleeping Dogs Lie 05mar10: Ludovico Einaudi

Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi has worked in many musical areas over the years, producing music for theatres, movie directors and ballet companies, as well as releasing solo albums notable for their sophisticated restraint and elegant minimalism. Divenire – Einaudi’s seventh studio album – is a slight diversion in that it’s the first time the composer has collaborated with a full orchestra: the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic to be exact. Einaudi’s compelling piano pieces are still at the core of Divenire and remain as mesmerising as ever, but the orchestral embellishments lend his work a richer, more sweeping ambience. Divenire also sees Einaudi experiment with electronics, though these are used sparingly; primarily as textural devices. While not as minimal as earlier works, Divenire does not embrace the epic, preferring instead to ebb and flow gently between pared-down piano pieces and the fuller, more emotive sentiments of “Primavera,” or the 11-minute opus, “Oltremare.” Representing yet another stage in a formidably progressive career, Divenire sees Ludovico Einadi at the height of his imaginative powers. –Danny McKenna,

‘Divenire’ is the seventh studio album from Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi. Originally conceived back in 2002 – when Einaudi was invited to compose and perform a piece for the I Suoni Delle Dolomiti festival – ‘Divenire’ sees Einaudi backed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic giving a new dimension to his minimalist and moving piano pieces.