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12k is an electronic music label based in Brooklyn, New York, run by composer Taylor Deupree since 1997. 12k specializes in synthetic microscopic sound designs and minimalist compositional aesthetics. In september 2000 12k launched Line, a sublabel focusing on ultraminimal, conceptual soundworks that explore the relationship between sound, silence and spatial metaphors. In 2002, 12k introduced term., an online-only series of minimalist sound explorations. term. is an extension of 12k’s output but its mission lies in careful balance to 12k’s aesthetic. While 12k’s emphasis lies not only in sound but on design and presentation as well, term.’s function is the exact opposite: existing entirely in the digital domain with no tangible object or package, term. is the representation of pure data and imageless sound information. The antithesis of physical form. term. is an ongoing series of MP3 releases by sound artists from around the globe. All downloads are free and will remain online as long as possible.

In the imperium of 12K, Term. is the most unknown country. 12K, Line and Happy are all labels that release materials people can actually own, but with Term. you can download nice music for free. Yet Term. isn’t a big store of music, it’s carefully selected tunes. The latest is by someone named Asher, and Term. doesn’t provide any information, except a quote from Samuel Beckett, about music at night. That was apt chosen since I was playing this at night for the first time. Both of the pieces are carefully, microscopic and detailled glitches that are embedded in a bath of drones – which are almost inaudible. Most suitable music to dimm your lights, open your curtains and watch the stars and moon on a clear night. As much as I enjoyed this, in a world with more light (the next day), I must also state that whatever Asher is doing is nothing new under the sun, but if you buy the Chartier CDs from Line, you certainly can’t pass on getting this for free at the same time. (Frans de Waard,

0/r is the collaborative project between sound artists Nosei Sakata (*0) and Richard Chartier. 0/r recorded two critically acclaimed full length compact discs for 12k: “0/r” (12k1006, 1999) and “Varied” (12k1018, 2002 ). While 0/r suggested a sense of chaos with its jarring and syncopated digital sound, Varied utilizes much more refined compositional techniques to create highly deliberate passages of whispering sine waves, extreme frequencies, and looping rhythms of noise and detailed sonic pops.
Jodi Cave is a sound artist and musician from the UK. He was brought up in a small town near Sheffield playing the clarinet, went to study music, and then in 2006 completed a research internship at the IRCAM in Paris. Jodi’s work encompasses studio-based electronics, laptop performance and instrumental composition.

Since Jason Corder decided that becoming a weather man was farcely over-rated, he coined the ambiguously fitted moniker “offthesky” which was in reality birthed in transit of his experimenting with converting chaos theories (especially those relating to weather systems*) into musical forms. And really its just an apropos title summating this atmospheric and acoustic communal project emanating from his studio in Kentucky ergo USA. Sounds pretentious I know, but offthesky is truly a humble handle that reflects both Jason’s mild manered nature and his “in-the-clouds” mind-set when relating to others. His musical miasmatic manifestations are loosely inspired by chaos theory mathematics, dark foreboding jazz, and various natural susbstances… ‘form creek’ is an excerpt from a long-play work entitled ‘creek caught fire’. these songs stem from travels and personal studies of appalachian landscapes in particular to the region of kentucky where i’m from. a series of phonographs, drawings, and writings were taken at various naturally energetic hot spots such as ‘red river gorge’ and ‘sugar creek’. also a tally of weather patterns were interpolated then used to manipulate aspects of the music. all this eventually evolved into several humble odes to the haunting fire of bluegrass history.

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