Sleeping Dogs Lie 13nov09: Term

12k is an electronic music label based in Brooklyn, New York, run by composer Taylor Deupree since 1997. 12k specializes in synthetic microscopic sound designs and minimalist compositional aesthetics. In september 2000 12k launched Line, a sublabel focusing on ultraminimal, conceptual soundworks that explore the relationship between sound, silence and spatial metaphors. In 2002, 12k introduced term., an online-only series of minimalist sound explorations. term. is an extension of 12k’s output but its mission lies in careful balance to 12k’s aesthetic. While 12k’s emphasis lies not only in sound but on design and presentation as well, term.’s function is the exact opposite: existing entirely in the digital domain with no tangible object or package, term. is the representation of pure data and imageless sound information. The antithesis of physical form. term. is an ongoing series of MP3 releases by sound artists from around the globe. All downloads are free and will remain online as long as possible.

Freiband is one of the many projects by Frans de Waard (Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, Goem and more). Freiband was inspired by the tape-scratching of Asmus Tietchens on his CD ‘Daseinsverfehlung’, but here applied to an entirely digital context. Using recordings that were made for the new Beequeen, a record that has a lot of guitars, drums, organs, Frans de Waard started to rework them by scratching the hard disc. The result was warm, glitchy popmusic, in which the original instruments are barely recognizable, but sounding entirely electronical. Tongue in cheek, De Waard calls this pop music, music made out of popping sounds, rather then popular music, but entirely inspired by De Waard’s love for pop music. Since the inception of this new moniker, Freiband has played concerts in The Netherlands, Japan and a surprise gig at Mutek, Canada, 2001. The first CD ‘Microbes’ was released late 2001 by Ritornell, a side label of Mille Plateaux. In September 2002 the second CD ‘Homeward’ was released on Bottrop Boy and this is all with reworked pop music from the late 70s and early 80s. Freiband’s “Parallel” was released in 2002 by 12k’s online-only series of minimalist sound explorations: Term. It features remixes of “Theme’s On Parallel Shores Removed” album that was released on UK noise label Fourth Dimension.

TU M’ – Italian multimedia duo formed by Rossano Polidoro and Emiliano Romanelli in 1998. Their works include music, video and photography. They live and work in Città Sant’Angelo (Pescara, Italy).

Motion is the alias of UK minimal/experimental electronic artist Chris Coode.

Doron Sadja, a California native, had his debut cd on 12k in 2003. His CD, titled “a piece of string, a sunset,” mixes violin, guitar, clean electronics, and a very powerful sense of texture. “Landscapes, headaches, and heartbreaks” consists of 2 pieces he wrote while travelling in europe.

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