Atlantic Waves 13oct09: LIFEM 09

The very first London International Festival of Exploratory Music unites the myspace generation of musical explorers from the four corners of the globe.

Produced by Red Orange and presented in the perfect acoustics of Kings Place, LIFEM has truly exploited the incredible potential of the world-wide-web to seek the most exciting finds from the far East, the middle East, the Arctic Circle, south America and East and West Europe. LIFEM shows just what the internet can do for world music.

LIFEM has curated evenings which bring together a selection of artists from shared continents to reveal the commonality and differences between them.

The Old and New worlds touch on Friday 6 November. Opening with the raw intensity of sean-nós singer Lorcán Mac Mathúna. This young singer makes his first appearance outside Ireland, bringing with him the ancient language of sean-nós and its songs of lament and hardship. Formed by three members of the group Melike, Tri a Tolia brings together Turkish voice, an Iraqi qanun (lap-harp) and a Belgian cello to create spellbinding music that defies easy categorisation. Their debut album Zumurrude received critical acclaim and attracted an international fan base, with this UK debut their live shows should go the same way. Lonely China Day break out of the clichés of Chinese music (traditional, plastic pop or tacky karaoke) and bring to London a taste of China’s growing experimental rock scene.

Friday, 06 November 09

Old and new world music touching approaches
18:30 – 19:15 Lorcán Mac Mathúna (Ireland) [UK premiere] Kings Place – Hall 1 Buy Tickets Here
19:45 – 20:30 Tri a Tolia (Turkey/Iraq/Belgium) [UK premiere] Kings Place – Hall 1 Buy Tickets Here
21:00 – 21:45 Lonely China Day (China) [European premiere] Kings Place – Hall 1 Buy Tickets Here

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