Atlantic Waves 06oct09: LIFEM 09

The very first London International Festival of Exploratory Music unites the myspace generation of musical explorers from the four corners of the globe.

Produced by Red Orange and presented in the perfect acoustics of Kings Place, LIFEM has truly exploited the incredible potential of the world-wide-web to seek the most exciting finds from the far East, the middle East, the Arctic Circle, south America and East and West Europe. LIFEM shows just what the internet can do for world music.

LIFEM has curated evenings which bring together a selection of artists from shared continents to reveal the commonality and differences between them.

The Festival opens with a look at our very own island and a night of classically influenced ‘minimalist avant chamber pop’. Jenni Roditi has garnered rave reviews of her passionate and absorbing work. Unbound by traditional limits, she explores her voice’s potential to create captivating performances. Andrew Poppy is renowned for his minimalist electro and compositions for opera, orchestra, films and contemporary dance. Sometimes compared to Cabaret Voltaire and Philip Glass, this concert sees Poppy performing on piano and his own downtempo electronics.

Songs and singers from the Arctic Circle brings together two Inuk singers; Goldfrapp-like Nive Nielsen from Greenland and guttural throat-singer Tanya Tagaq. Nive has emerged from the stark isolation of the Greenland geography with an originality and of-the-moment sound created by her stunning voice and little red ukulele. Her debut album is being produced by PJ Harvey’s musical partner John Parish and promises great things. Tanya Tagaq has appeared several times in the UK, each visit bringing exciting new developments in her sound. Worldwide her extraordinary voice and quirky manner has led to collaborations with Björk, Kronos Quartet and Mike Patton. She learnt the rhythmic throat singing of the women Inuk as a child, but through evolving relationships with new collaborators, she continues to explore the sonic potential of her powerful voice.

Wednesday, 04 November 09

UK minimalist avant chamber pop
19:45 – 20:30 Jenni Roditi (UK) Kings Place – Hall 1 Buy Tickets Here
21:00 – 21:45 Andrew Poppy (UK) Kings Place – Hall 1 Buy Tickets Here

Thursday, 05 November 09

Inuk snow songs, ice folk and throat singing
19:45 – 20:30 Nive Nielsen (Greenland) Kings Place – Hall 1 Buy Tickets Here
21:00 – 21:45 Tanya Tagaq (Canada) Kings Place – Hall 1 Buy Tickets Here

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