Atlantic Waves 28jul09: Experimental Music from China (part 4/4)

ZenLu is an active new artist of electronic music in Shenzhen (China) and also a member of the experimental group WEPLAY and P2P. In 2002, he formed the group Consciousness, where he served as the leading vocalist and rhythm guitarist. In 2004, he joined the group YOUNG CRAZY and was in charge of the rhythms, sampling and sound effects. The styles were mainly experimental ambient/IDM/noise. Half a year later, he withdrew from YOUNG CRAZY and started his independent creation, with styles as diverse as IDM/ambient/electronic/noise/avant-garde. Then, since the beginning of 2005, he has been actively involved with many different kinds of performances. His abstract kind of electronic music with outstanding picture effects has set up a new type of creative style in Mainland China, which receives much attention and is widely accepted. He has performed with sound artists Dickson Dee and C-Drik.

Our next step into exploration of Chinese music scene: Double Fish is a talented musician who not only creates his own music but also promotes his friends’ works in his own label. How can you call this music? Well, it’s breakcore…

On Chinese New Year’s Day, Feb 7, 2008, the record label Post-Concrete started ARCHIVAL VINYL, a brand-new line of releases of sound art, experimental electronic, laptop Max/MSP/Jitter/SuperCollider, algorithmic piano, noise, not-in-the-field recordings, live bootlegs, etc., featuring mostly artists from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 2RqP5k, aka Wang Changcun, a well known Chinese sound artist. “Antechre Live in Shanghai” was recorded at the LIVE BAR, in Shanghai, on May 27, 2007, as part of the NOISHANGHAI 2nd Anniversary event. “Live 2.0? is an audience bootleg recording.

78 AW radio show - 28jul09