Sleeping Dogs Lie 03jul09: Steve Roach

roachSTORMWARNING takes you to the outer edges of Steve Roach’s music where he engages in a driving high-energy sound first explored on albums EMPETUS, and NOW / TRAVELER. In the live performances of STORMWARNING, Roach unlocks the synchronous perfection of sequencers, creating elaborate, interlocking patterns that weave into infinite, Escher-like designs, set against Roach’s skyscraping synthesizer fury.

STORMWARNING has been brought back to life as a release on Steve’s Timeroom Collector Series. Since the original was only 51 minutes long, “Day Three”, a 21 minute sequencer piece of epic proportions has been added. This piece was recorded on Steve’s first tour of Germany, and definitely feels like a missing piece to the puzzle in terms of its musical content and energy. Those who love the high-energy dramatic sequencer era of Steve’s work will love this rare piece recorded in the land of its stylistic origin. 24-bit remastered and over 70 minutes total playing time.

01 Steve Roach: “Day One” (8:23) from “Stormwarning” (1999)
02 Steve Roach: “Day Two” (30:16) from “Stormwarning” (1999)
03 Steve Roach: “Day Three” (20:45) from “Stormwarning” (1999)