Sleeping Dogs Lie 87: migloJE

migloJEA very welcome return for the Lithuanian maestro named MigloJE. This time around we have an ambient extravaganza. In Miglo’s curious, quirky but extremely well produced style. The tracks form a live performance at a festival somewhere in Lithuania, written to complement old folklore and a special place (hence the names that I can’t pronounce). Playtime over 90 minutes. Switch off the lights, close your eyes and dream.

A one man experimental electronic and ambient music project, MigloJE is Aurimas Braziunas, born on 31 January 1981. Since 1988 he was involved in musical studies and trained himself to be a professional cello and piano player, but in an accident he broke his hand, and the perspective of a successful musician faded away, also later his wish to be a musician also disappeared.

But as a child he always dreamed to be an artist, some kind of creator like a music composer and in 1997 he got interested in computer music making. He got his first tracking software “Fastracker2” and started to experiment with sound. Since then he played many different styles of electronic music and tried a lot of different software. By 2000, he got influenced by idm, glitch, minimal, triphop, synthpop, experimental and ambiet music. As his experience grew he was asked to play on the radio show “X-panteonas” at radio station A in Vilnius. It was his debut and after a year he was asked to play in a big neodarkwave festival “Menuo juodaragis” with a project “Fary tale lodge”. After that festival he was asked to participate in many events… 🙂

01 migloJE: “Juodaragis” (08:00) from “Ayesteeyah” (2006)
02 migloJE: “Kernius” (06:46) from “Ayesteeyah” (2006)
03 migloJE: “Savaitgalis” (08:27) from “Ayesteeyah” (2006)
04 migloJE: “Niaukiasi Dangus” (08:52) from “Ayesteeyah” (2006)
05 migloJE: “Tamsus Dangus” (08:52) from “Ayesteeyah” (2006)
06 migloJE: “Pajauta” (09:12) from “Ayesteeyah” (2006)
07 migloJE: “Trintis Vandenyse” (12:00) from “Ayesteeyah” (2006)
08 migloJE: “Zhvalgakalnis” (06:24) from “Ayesteeyah” (2006)