Sleeping Dogs Lie 83: Steve Roach

worldsedgeRoach’s most ambitious release since Dreamtime Return, World’s Edge offers a synopsis of his various styles on disc one and offers an hour-long meditative mind journey called “To The Threshold of Silence” on disc two. The pieces on disc one are reminiscent of everything from Western Spaces (like “Undershadow”) to Dreamtime Return (like “Steel and Bone”) and extends the tribal-ambient direction he started on Dreamtime with “Beat of Desire” and “Thunderground”, the latter of which is the best piece on the disc one. Disc Two, “To The Threshold of Silence”, was his most ambitous space music composition at that time, beginning with a Tibetan- inspired gong ceremonial section, continuing with three other linked sections that move through various emotional spaces tied together by a common textural theme.

A great introduction to Roach’s music, particularly if you’re interested in his ’90s offerrings.

01 Steve Roach: “World’s Edge” (09:44) from “World’s Edge” (1992)
02 Steve Roach: “The Call” (03:29) from “World’s Edge” (1992)
03 Steve Roach: “Undershadow” (08:26) from “World’s Edge” (1992)
04 Steve Roach: “When Souls Roam” (06:51) from “World’s Edge” (1992)
05 Steve Roach: “Beat of Desire” (07:34) from “World’s Edge” (1992)
06 Steve Roach: “Glimpse” (03:05) from “World’s Edge” (1992)
07 Steve Roach: “Thunderground” (10:25) from “World’s Edge” (1992)
08 Steve Roach: “Falling, Flying, Dreaming” (06:13) from “World’s Edge” (1992)
09 Steve Roach: “Drift” (07:43) from “World’s Edge” (1992)