Sleeping Dogs Lie 82: Steve Roach

worldsedgeAmong Steve Roach’s vast and brilliant catalog of ambient, or “space music” recordings, very few are less than superlative and a select few transcend the rest to establish the new high water mark by which all other ambient recordings are measured. ‘World’s Edge’ is just such an album.

His first true masterpiece was the double album ‘Dreamtime Return’. With ‘World’s Edge’, Steve Roach moved into a new realm that integrated ambient textures with tribal rhythm’s to completely transport the listener to, (hopefully without sounding too metaphysical) a new plain of existence. The first disc is especially effective in creating this feeling of escape, while the second disc is one long piece that is more introspective as it delves into the inner soul of the listener.

Once again, I must disagree with Mr. Moodindigo2 who seems to have completely missed the point of these albums. This music isn’t about sensory deprivation: rather they are a complex and moving exercise in TOTAL IMMERSION. If you take the time to listen critically, you cannot help but be totally carried away by the intricate structures and subtle counterpoints of the music. I would suggest that Moodindigo2 give it another listen and try to stay awake this time.

This album is the second masterpiece in the triumvirate, but I must also agree with Moodindigo’s “friend” who ranks Steve Roach’s Early Man (yet another double CD) as the zenith of his career to date, and the third true masterpiece in his catalog. Buy them all and experience 6 discs of the best ambient music available anywhere.

01 Steve Roach: “To The Threshold of Silence” (58:23) from “World’s Edge” (1992)