Sleepings Dogs Lie 66: Eliane Radigue

The grand dame of drone appears on the promising new Schoolmap label, presenting a piece of music that originally surfaced in 1971, performed in three different variations at the New York Cultural Center. This release features a two-part rendering of Chry-ptus from 1971, plus a 2001 reinterpretation assisted by Stefano Bassanese at the CCMIX studio in Paris. There’s even a remix of sorts in the form of a Giuseppe Ielasi realisation of the piece, undertaken as recently as 2006. In all four recordings the themes remain essentially the same, taking the most discerning of Buchla synthesizer tones, loaded with rich overtones and encoded rhythmic sequences. The original recordings of Chry-ptus were committed to two tapes, which are then played back with or without synchronisation, and the key differences between these various versions are down to discrepancies in playback timing, plus slight differences in modulation and amplitude. One for the connoisseurs this, and a beautiful study in analogue electronic sound engineering.

01 Eliane Radigue: “Chry-Ptus I (1971)” (23:40) from “Chry-Ptus” (2007)
02 Eliane Radigue: “Chry-Ptus (Version 2001)” (24:47) from “Chry-Ptus” (2007)
03 Eliane Radigue: “Chry-Ptus (Version 2006)” (23:40) from “Chry-Ptus” (2007)