Sleeping Dogs Lie 30: Robert Rich, Ian Boddy

“Propagation” is an expression of Rich’s interest in biology and is a tribute to the proliferation of organic life in all its forms. It features a complex range of world music influences, just tunings and guest performers.

“Bestiary” showcases the musical concept that Rich has long referred to as “glurp”. It evokes a frenetic and surreal landscape inhabited by a wide variety of bizarre organisms. Work on this album began while Rich was working to create a library of Acid Loops for the Sonic Foundry company. He had previously created an Acid Loop library in 1999 called Liquid Planet. In this project Rich began creating a library of unusual sounds with his new MOTM modular synthesizer. As the synthesizer grew, Rich became increasingly impressed by its potential and decided to abandon the Acid Loop project in favor of creating a new album. MIDI played an extremely limited role in this album as most of its material was recorded live to hard disc with the audio feature of the Cubase program. It was then assembled into a continuous 53 minute audio file.

“Electric Ladder” returns to a more active and sequenced style that Rich explored in “Geometry” and “Gaudí” (both from 1991).

“Lithosphere” is a collaborative album by electronic musicians Robert Rich and Ian Boddy. Like their previous collaboration “Outpost”, this album was released as a limited edition of 2000 copies.

01. Robert Rich: “Whispers of Eden” (from “Propagation”, Hearts of Space, 1994)
02. Robert Rich: “Luminous Horizon” (from “Propagation”, Hearts of Space, 1994)
03. Robert Rich: “Guilin” (from” Propagation”, Hearts of Space, 1994)
04. Robert Rich: “Aquifer” (from “Electric Ladder”, Soundscape, 2006)
05. Robert Rich: “Never Alone” (from “Electric Ladder”, Soundscape, 2006)
06. Robert Rich: “Folded Space” (from”Bestiary”, Relapse, 2001)
07. Robert Rich: “Premonition of Circular Clouds” (from”Bestiary”, Relapse, 2001)
08. Robert Rich & Ian Boddy: “Glass” (from “Lithosphere”, DiN, 2005)
09. Robert Rich & Ian Boddy: “Subduction” (from “Lithosphere”, DiN, 2005)
10. Robert Rich & Ian Boddy: “Stone” (from “Lithosphere”, DiN, 2005)
11. Robert Rich & Ian Boddy: “Metamorphic” (from “Lithosphere”, DiN, 2005)
12. Robert Rich & Ian Boddy: “Melt” (from “Lithosphere”, DiN, 2005)