Sleeping Dogs Lie 24: Brian Eno

Arguably Eno’s most perfectly realized piece of ambience (“Neroli” certainly can qualify, as well), “Thursday Afternoon” perfectly blends his piano riffs (very similar to what Robert Wyatt did on “1/1” on “Music for Airports”) with just the right amount on synthesizer for texture and base to create a very surreal landscape. If played as Eno intended, the effect is ever greater, with wifts of it reaching your ears like a distant smell of fresh baking done next door and a breeze gently lofting some of it through the open window to your unsuspecting nose – you can subconsciously detect it, you know its there, but it doesn’t permeate your senses fully. To play this cd any other way is fine, but alters the total effect too much for it to be fully realized or enjoyed. A gem on an lp, and among my favorite Eno cds.

01. Brian Eno: “Thursday Afternoon” (from “Thursday Afternoon”, E.G. Records, 1985)