Sleeping Dogs Lie 07: Pete Namlook

The first two classic volumes of the Air series are also high-water marks for Namlook. Like the Silence series they show some rich ethnic and neo-classical leanings, and they remain particularly effective examples of how he utilises live acoustic instruments in an electronic framework . The delicate, tinkling cymbals and soft tom-tom beats on “Je suis seule et triste ici” from Air I, for instance, are utterly refreshing because Namlook is able to maintain a deep electronic ambient feel while still expanding the style’s instrumental vocabulary. Air II is deeply psychedelic. An eleven-part “trip” subtitled “Travelling Without Moving”, it takes it’s thematic cue Frank Herbert’s cult sci-fi book Dune as well as the David Lynch film of the same name. Herbert’s story posited a strange universe dependant on a life-extending, mind-altering spice drug. On Air II Namlook subtly draws on the story’s themes to create a beautiful, creepy, intoxicating universe of his own. Again he utilizes acoustic instruments: didgeridoo, sighing woodwinds, flamenco guitar, Mid-Eastern flutes, and swooping vocal textures that rise and fall to striking effect. They’re all integrated seamlessly, proving that despite his dancefloor origins he thrives by exploring outside the rigid structures of electronic beats and sequencing.

01. Pete Namlook: “Wind” (from “Air”, Fax, 1993)
02. Pete Namlook: “1st impression” (from “Air”, Fax, 1993)
03. Pete Namlook: “Je Suis Triste Et Seul Ici” (from “Air”, Fax, 1993)
04. Pete Namlook: “Spiritual Invocation” (from “Air”, Fax, 1993)
05. Pete Namlook: “Mystical Appearance” (from “Air”, Fax, 1993)
06. Pete Namlook: “Lost In Passion” (from “Air”, Fax, 1993)
07. Pete Namlook: “Travelling Without Moving – Trip 1” (from “Air II”, Fax, 1994)
08. Pete Namlook: “Travelling Without Moving – Trip 2” (from “Air II”, Fax, 1994)
09. Pete Namlook: “Travelling Without Moving – Trip 3” (from “Air II”, Fax, 1994)
10. Pete Namlook: “Travelling Without Moving – Trip 4” (from “Air II”, Fax, 1994)
11. Pete Namlook: “Travelling Without Moving – Trip 5” (from “Air II”, Fax, 1994)