Sleeping Dogs Lie 02: Brian Eno

One of only two major ambient works Brian Eno recorded in the ’90s – “The Shutov Assembly” being the other – “Neroli” is a single composition, 58 minutes long, that combines Eno’s concept of music designed not to be listened too attentively with the vaguely North African feel implied by the piece’s title. Written in the Phrygian mode, with flattened intervals and missing root notes that give the piece a seeming lack of tonality, “Neroli” is even more peculiarly weightless than earlier extended ambient works like “Thursday Afternoon”. Also unlike earlier ambient works, the comparatively substantial melodic content of “Neroli” rewards attentive listening as well as the piece’s intended use as environmental music. In many ways, “Neroli” is a summation of Eno’s theories of ambient music.

01. Brian Eno: “Neroli: Thinking Music Part IV” (from “Neroli”, All Saints, 1993)