Clear Spot on South Korean Music

Miguel Santos (Musa Lusa, Atlantic Waves) and Justina Jang (Nori Productions) will present a special programme of Korean music, this afternoon, Tuesday 28th December 2004, 7-8.30pm (GMT), on Resonance 104.4fm (

Rarely heard on these shores, it is an opportunity for you to experience traditional instruments such as the kayagum, komungo, ajaeng, haegum, piri, taegum, and changgo and listen to some Korean court music, folk, new traditional, modern, improvised, soundtracks, experimental, rock, hip-hop and even some trance. If you are afraid that your Korean music knowledge will not let you recognize even the names of the artists, here are some, in western notation, to help you go through the adventure: Yong-Ho Park, Han-Nuri Art Troup, Yun-Seok Yun, Byung-Ki Hwang, GongMyoung, Sa-Ik Jang, Jung-Sik Lee, Yong-Woo Kim, Byeon-Jun Ko, Sook-Sun Ahn, Bo-Ryong Hwang, Nam-June Paik, Uhuhboo, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cerritos 562, Lovetrance…

Make sure you tune in to 104.4fm or to click on (wherever in the world you are), as there will be something for everyone from the country that brought you Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Daewoo, Kia… and, of course, the spicy kimchi.

01 HanNuri Art Troup: “Wind YeongSanHoiSang (Gunak)” (04:57) from “Masterpiece of Korean Music, Vol. 9” (Korean National University of Arts / School of Korean Traditional Arts, 2001)
02 WolHa Kim: “ChongSanLi” (03:46) from “A Selection Of Korean Traditional Music, Vol. 3 – Vocal Music” (Seoul Records, 2002)
03 Yun-Seok Yun: “Ajaeng Sanjo” (07:42) from “A Selection of Korean Traditional Music, Vol. 4 – Unforgettable Performances” (Seoul Records, 2002)
04 Byungki Hwang: “The Labyrinth” (10:43) from “Byungki Hwang: Kayagum Masterpieces Vol 3” (EMI, 2001)
05 GongMyoung: “High Speed Motion” (02:28) from “Communication” (Universal Music Korea, 2001)
06 Sa-Ik Jang: “Nimeun Maen Gotae” (05:25) from “Haneol Ganeon Gil” (Yejeon Media, 1995)
07 Yong-Woo Kim: “Mandre Sanya” (03:34) from “Mogaebi” (Seoul Records, 1999)
08 Byeon Jun Ko, Sook Sun Ahn: “Main Theme Part 1” (03:52) from “YoInChonHa” (, 2001)
09 Nam June Paik: “Hommage A John Cage (1958/59)” (04:13) from “Works 1958.1979” (Sub Rosa, 2001)
10 Jung Sik Lee, Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Korean traditional instruments: “Magpie” (09:42) from “Kwang-Soo Lee & Red Sun” (E&E Media, 1997)
11 Uhuhboo: “ChoHyenSil EumMa” (04:13) from “Uhuhboo” (Cream Records, 2000)
12 Yeah Yeah Yeahs: “Art Star” (02:00) from “Yeah Yeah Yeahs” (Touch and Go, 2002)
13 Cerritos 562: “fo mah xanga shiett” (02:09) (previously unreleased, 2004?)
14 Lovetrance: “Running Cry (Original Mix)” (08:16) (previously unreleased, 2004?)